ICUBE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS enable foundries to effectively design evaluate and optimize their casting design. Our service will help you to avoid expensive trial and error processes on real prototypes during the product and development cycle, which will save expensive material, labour cost and manpower. Using ESI software’s we assure defect free quality products as desired by the end user.



  • Yield Improvement
  • 3D Design Of Casting
  • Simulation of the existing method
  • New casting method design & development
  • Simulation of new method design
  • Standard report generation for approval
  • Filling Results
  • metal temperature
  • metal velocity
  • air movements
  • air entrainment
  • surface defects or oxides
  • local gas pressure
  • Solidification Results
  • temperature
  • solid fraction
  • liquid fraction
  • hot spots
  • macro porosity
  • micro porosity
  • Methoding solution
Gravity Casting

Most gravity casting processes, including sand mold, permanent mold and tilt pouring, can be quickly modeled with ESI’s QuicKAST.

Exothermic sleeves, chills and filters are easily and automatically set up according to the process parameters. The embedded thermodynamic database in Visual-CAST offers graphite precipitation, thereby accurately predicting the shrinkage porosity, taking into account the expansion of cast irons.

Misrun, Gate balancing, thermal modulus and Hot Spots result can be visualized to validate the size and the position of the risers.


Pressure Die Casting

ESI’s QuikCAST has a complete set of dedicated tools model the pressure die casting processes.

During solidification simulation, the evolution of the solid fraction is valuated and used to predict shrinkage locations. Air back pressure calculations together with appropriate user-defined pressure condition allow the simulation of vacuum casting processes.


Investment Casting

ProCAST is able to automatically generate a mesh representing the shell mold suitable for investment casting. Furthermore, it has dedicated features to address the specific needs of investment casting foundries like allowing for non-uniform shell radiation with view factors, including shadowing effects, which are critical for high temperature alloys, are taken into account


Sand Casting

The key to success in a sand casting foundry is the optimization of the gating system and eliminating the risk of shrinkage porosity. ESI’s ProCAST allows comprehensive modeling of any sand-casting process, including the high-pressure molding line, and allows users to study effect of feeder location, filters, chills, insulation & exothermic sleeves on the casting process and quality. Different aspects, including filling solidification & residual stresses can also be studied


Combining an intuitive and progressive user interface, ESI guides modelers through successful projects delivering accurate predictions of filling and solidification defects. Available in Suites for Below Listed Casting Process